Secure Business IM & Group Chat

Private instant messaging for your team or company. Easily share ideas and files with a single coworker or groups.

Say goodbye to slow communication with your colleagues. Get instant answers to your questions from any location.

Connect From Anywhere

You can stay connected to your business, even while on the go! Our Free mobile apps provide an easy way to send and receive PinkNotes from your smart phone or tablet.

Start a chat from your desktop...continue it on your phone.

Works on just about everything

PinkNotes can be used on nearly every computer, phone and tablet out there.

Install PinkNotes on Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android. Or run the web app in your favorite browser from anywhere.

Consider it a Date!

Easily manage and share your calendar with team members. The PinkNotes Calendar updates live while you watch, and can integrate with select 3rd party calendar services. Reminder PinkNotes can even be sent prior to a calendar event as a reminder!

Plays Well With Others

Easily coordinate tasks amongst multiple team members! To-Do Lists can be shared amongst your users with just a few clicks. Schedule due dates and track progress live, on the fly. Integration with the calendar and messaging sysetm ensures you'll never miss a deadline again!

Secure Messaging built for Business

Secure Encryption
Cloud Hosted
PC & Mobile Apps
Message Logs
Shared Calendars
To-Do Lists
Easy Setup

Whether you want to send a message down the hall, or across the world, PinkNotes is an easy, fast, and efficient business IM service, to deal with real-world business requirements.

PinkNotes gives your company a cloud hosted, secure and private, business IM network. It allows in-house employees, remote teams and your clients to collaborate efficiently and safely. PinkNotes enables you with the benefits of IM while removing risk and giving you total control.

PinkNotes can be accessed from any internet enabled location and is fully customizable to fit any company's needs to help employees work together. All communication between users is securely encrypted and completely reliable to use in any type of business.

We invite you to try PinkNotes in your company. You can quickly begin communicating in just a few minutes using many of its unique features, including secure instant messaging, message logs, urgent messages, send laters, and many more. We believe once you try PinkNotes you will change the way you communicate and work forever.

We could not efficiently run our own business without PinkNotes.

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