PinkNotes is all about communication.

Communication is the key to any successful business
and PinkNotes is focused on improving your business.

Quick, Easy, and Productive.

With one click you can see a list of all of your employees and their status to quickly select whom you would like to communicate with.

PinkNotes can be marked as Urgent, Must Reply or Confidential. You can attach any types of files you would like to send with your message.

Instant access to your messages.

When you receive a new message you will instantly be notified. You have the option of how you would like the new message to alert you in different ways to display on your screen and different sound notification options.

If you are not logged in, don't worry you will never miss a PinkNote. The next time you login you will see a list of everything you missed.

It's easy to respond to any PinkNote.

When viewing a PinkNote, replying is as easy as selecting one of your Quick Replies or typing as little or as much text and you would like.

Replies get sent to all of the original recipients of the PinkNote, so everyone can stay up to date on the latest info.

Send PinkNotes at any future date and time.

The Send Later feature allows you to deliver a PinkNote at the most appropriate time. This is a great way to remind others or yourself about future tasks that needs to be completed.

This is one of the huge advantages that PinkNotes has over standard office email.

All of your PinkNotes are right in front of you.

PinkNotes lists all your messages in a well-designed list that shows specific details about each message to make things easy to find. All of the newest and un-read items will move to the top of the list to keep you current on all matters.

The filter box above this list also gives ability to quickly search through your PinkNotes.

PinkNotes on your mobile devices.

Stay up to date on any type of mobile device or tablet. With PinkNotes you can use one of our mobile apps or any type of web browser to send and receive messages, or check your Calendar and To-Do lists.

Safe and Secure.

From day one, PinkNotes has taken privacy and security very seriously. You can communicate confidently without having to worry that anyone will be spying on your data.

All communication in PinkNotes is fully encrypted at 256 bits via HTTPS. Most online banks and retailers only use 128 bit encryption. We use all the latest technologies and encryption methods available for PinkNotes.

Click here for more security details.

Schedule dates and easily share calendars.

Calendars can be kept personal or shared with whomever you would like.

When scheduling dates in your calendar you can also specify if you would like to receive a PinkNote reminder at a selected amount of time before the event.

Never miss an important event again!

We are here to help.

We pride ourselves on the support we give to our customers. We understand how important our customers are and go out of our way to help them.

We offer live chat and email support. If you chat with us weekdays between 8:30am and 5pm (Eastern Time) you will get a live person answering.

Do you have questions? Contact Us.

Make your office greener.

PinkNotes can help to turn your office green. Stop writing old-fashioned paper or sticky notes and start sending PinkNotes.

PinkNotes also can help businesses make telecommuting a reality. Working remotely or from home requires an even higher communication level than a standard office. PinkNotes will make it easy to collaborate between multiple locations.

Join the thousands of companies who are already using PinkNotes.

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Some new features now available in PinkNotes:

  • PinkNotes now uses Cloud Hosting and you no longer need to have a Master/Server in your office.
    • Benefits:
      • You do not have to worry about servers, backups, firewalls, IP addresses, or registration codes.
      • PinkNotes works anywhere you have internet access enabled.
      • You will automatically get ongoing updates to all future versions.
  • Shared To-Do lists
  • Spell checking as you type
  • Send Laters can now be used with emails and text messages
  • Filter user lists to easily find a username in a large company
  • Filter PinkNotes for quick searching through all your messages
  • Threaded PinkNotes - all replies to a message are kept in one simple location that all recipients can easily see
  • Quickly type replies from the same screen you are viewing the message in
  • Auto upgrades to newest available versions
  • User photos
  • Sorting of user list to how you would like it to display
  • Facebook link to pull in your profile photo, birth date and email
  • Time zone checking to display dates and time correctly no matter where each user is located.
  • Developer API's - enable your software to send PinkNotes
  • Full web browser access to all your PinkNotes, calendars, and to-do lists
  • Detailed user status
  • Condensed user list view
  • Attached image preview in message
  • "Toast" notification - a new way to display a PinkNote arrival
  • Calendar reminders arrive in a PinkNote

Other popular features that have made PinkNotes what it is today.

  • User groups to easily send messages to multiple users at once
  • Send text messages to mobile devices
  • All messages are logged and administrators can view all messages sent
  • Quick replies, subjects, and messages to easily send out messages
  • Auto responses, auto forwarding, and do not disturb mode
  • Auto Email Carbon Copy - gives you the ability to automatically email a copy of every PinkNote sent by all users to one or more email addresses. This is useful for companies that would like to do their own supervising, administration and/or archiving of all PinkNotes sent.

Any Questions? Please do not hesitate to let us know.

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