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PinkNotes 5 for Windows
The PinkNotes software can be installed on any Windows based PC and allows you to connect to PinkNotes from any location you have an internet connection. If you do not belong to a PinkNotes account, you must create one first (FREE). The Windows install also gives you one-click access to the most used features, such as Calendars, To-Do Lists, and much more!

Database Upload from PNP v4
This is a utility to upgrade a PinkNotes Plus v4 installation to be used with the cloud hosted version of PinkNotes. If you have an existing installation of PNP v4 this utility will allow you to upload all of your existing user settings and PinkNotes logs to be used with PinkNotes v5.

NOTE: this utility can only be run by your PinkNotes administrator user.

Click here for detailed instructions.

PinkNotes Plus v4
Users still running the older PinkNotes Plus v4 can download the installation for the prior version from here.