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Can I add or remove users from my account?
Yes. You can add and remove users at any time. On the date your monthly billing is processed you will just be charged for the current number of users you have in your account.

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Patrick Dowdy - May 2012
This answered my question. Thanks.
Laura - July 2020
How do I remove someone from a PinkNote thread?
Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - July 2020
This cannot be done. Once you send a PinkNote to someone you cannot make them "un-see" it. The same way if you send a message to someone you cannot change the text afterwords or delete the message from the recipients logs.
Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - July 2020
If that user does not want to be alerted of new replies to a PinkNote thread, they can Silence that PinkNote thread.