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Getting to know your way around
Now that you've registered your company for a PinkNotes account, you should familiarize yourself with the main areas of

  • Sending PinkNotes
  • Reading PinkNotes
  • PinkNotes Shared Calendars
  • PinkNotes Shared To-Do Lists
  • Settings
  • Admin Settings

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    Connie Garcia - LA1 - May 2015
    is there a way to remove yourself from a group message?
    Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - May 2015
    There is a "Silence" option that lets you turn off the notification for a specific PinkNote thread.

    Lisa Miller - October 2016
    how do you toggle between am and pm in the calendar?
    Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - October 2016
    When adding new calendar items, if you click in either the Start or End time box for that item, you will see a grid of boxes to select the hour and minute. The top two rows are for AM and the bottom two rows are for PM.
    Sissy Goodhouse - March 2020
    how can I restore my view
    okay - March 2023
    foe work
    okay - March 2023
    foe work