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How do I login to PinkNotes for Windows?
If the PinkNotes software is not yet running on your computer (and you have already installed the software) you should see a PinkNotes icon displayed on your desktop. The PinkNotes icon looks like this:

Double-click on that icon and you will then see the login screen for PinkNotes.

In the login screen type in your Username, Password, and Account name as provided to you by your PinkNotes admin user.

Then if you would like everything in PinkNotes to startup automatically on your computer in the future you can place a check-mark next to all three of the check boxes shown. Then go ahead and click on the 'Login' button to continue.

  • "Save Password" will save your password so you do not have to type it into this login screen again in the future.
  • "Auto login when PinkNotes starts" will bypass this login screen and automatically log you into PinkNotes when the software starts.
  • "Start PinkNotes when computer starts" will automatically startup the PinkNotes software when you login to Windows so you do not have to double-click on the PinkNotes icon on your desktop to start.

    If you are not sure what your login information is you can click on the "Forgot Login?" link above the password text box.

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    Ellie - December 2013
    I am administrator for PinkNotes and cannot see newly added employees to user list pop up. And I need to add emails to some.
    Glenn - September 2015
    Did the above....still does not start when computer starts
    Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - September 2015
    Glenn, please try the following. First login to PinkNotes. Then right-click on the PinkNotes icon in the Windows System Tray (area next to the Windows Clock). In the PinkNotes menu select "Startup Options...". Make sure all three of those check-boxes are checked and then click OK. Try and log off and then log back into Windows and see what happens. If you still have issues after that please email me at: