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What do the different user status colors mean?
When a users' name is displayed in PinkNotes you will see a color status next to their name. The different user status colors are as follows.

Yellow = Offline

Green = Online

Orange = Online, but no activity has occurred for that user for a while

Red = the user has the Do Not Disturb option turned on

Blue = Auto Response is turned on for that user

NOTE: no matter what the current status is for any user you can always send them a PinkNote. If a user is offline, they will receive the PinkNote the next time to login.

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potential client - January 2014
when status is orange, does it say how long the user is idle?
Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - January 2014
When the status color is Orange, it will indicate how long there has been no activity by that use just under the orange circle.
Debra Carter - July 2017
Is it not possible to logout from the desktop, or activate the Do Not Disturb?
Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - August 2017
Yes, you can logout of the desktop version of PinkNotes by going into the PinkNotes menu and selecting either "Log out..." or "Close PinkNotes". The "Log out..." option will first log you out of PinkNotes and then display the login screen, so you can login with a different user. The Close option will log you out of PinkNotes and then close the PinkNotes desktop app.

To activate Do Not Disturb from the desktop, go into the PinkNotes menu, and move your mouse over "Do not Disturb Mode". You will then see another menu to turn Do not Disturb On or Off.

NOTE: the PinkNotes menu can be accessed from two different locations while logged in. In the received PinkNotes screen you can click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Or in the Windows System Tray (area just next to the Windows Clock) you can right-click on the PinkNotes icon to display the menu.