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How do you stop a Send Later PinkNote from being delivered?
To stop a Send Later PinkNote (or a repeating send later) do the following:

  • right-click on the PinkNotes icon in the Windows System Tray (next to the Windows Clock)
  • in the menu select "View PinkNotes..."
  • in the PinkNotes screen click on the folders icon (towards upper left corner)
  • select the "Send Later" folder
  • select the PinkNote you want to stop from sending
  • click the Trash button

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Kat Jones - March 2016
I've done this, but the message continues to send to the person. Any help available?
Keith Maurino [PinkNotes Admin] - March 2016
We manually deleted that repeating send later PinkNote from your database, so it should not send any more. Please email us at if you still have any issues and we will take a further look into this. Thank you.
Malina - May 4
I've done this and when I go to the "Send Later" folder, it is is empty. please help