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How to configure AVAST 8 for PinkNotes for Windows
If you are using avast! 8 as your antivirus software you will need to do the following configuration for PinkNotes to work properly.

  • Open avast! user interface. Then click on the Security tab.

  • Click on ANTIVIRUS in the left column.

  • Click on Web Shield.

  • Click the Settings button.

  • Click on Exclusions.

  • Under Processes to exclude, click on the Browse button. Then navigate to the folder that PinkNotes is installed in (normally, c:\Program Files (x86)\PinkNotes\). Then select the PinkNotes5 executable (PinkNotes5.exe) and click the Open button.

  • The full path to the PinkNotes5 executable will be shown. Then click the OK button to complete.

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