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How does the To-Do feature work in PinkNotes?
The To-Do feature in PinkNotes is an area where you can keep different lists of items you want to keep track of and check off as they are completed.

In the To-Do screen you will see you lists in the left column and to the right of the lists you will see the items in the list that is currently selected. To select a list click on its name in the left column. To create a new list type in the name of the list in the "Add a New List" box below your To-Do List and press enter.

You have the option to share your lists with other users. To share any lists click on the Settings link just below the list name. After a list has been shared with another user, when that user goes into their To-Do screen they will then see that list as well in their list. When sharing lists you can also specify if a user can only view the list or view and edit the list as well.

To delete a list, click on the "Delete" link just below the list name. This will permanently delete the list and all items in it.

To add items into a list, first select the list you want to edit, and then click the plus sign icon towards the upper right side of the screen. A new line will be added to the top of the list. Click on the text that says "New To-Do Item" and you will be able to name that new item whatever you would like.

For each To-Do item you can optionally set a Priority and a Due Date. The priority has five different icons you can select from (Highest, High, Normal, Low, and Lowest). Each newly created item will start with a "Normal" priority (yellow circle icon). Click on the yellow circle icon to edit the priority.

The Due Date lets you optionally set any date for each item. To add or edit the due date click on the "Add a Due Date" link.

Each list can also be sorted by Priority or Due Date. You will see these two links above your list of current items.

You can manually sort you lists as well to the order you would like them in. If you move you mouse pointer over any list item you will see an up/down around pointer icon. When you see that icon you can hold down your mouse button and drag that item to any location in the list. You can also delete an individual list item by dragging it over the trash icon above the list.

When you have completed a list item click on the check-box on the left side of the item and that to-do item will be moved to the Completed Items area. Your completed items will be hidden by default. To see your completed items click the link that says "Show Completed Items". Once an item has been completed it cannot be edited. If needed you can move an item back to the list of pending items by clicking on the check-mark icon.

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