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What are the security details for PinkNotes?
PinkNotes is secured with a 256 bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection.

The PinkNotes services supports up to TLS 1.2. Support for SSL is also available for older web browsers.

The TLS connection is encrypted using AES-256, with SHA256 for message authentication and RSA as the key exchange mechanism.

If you view any page on the website you will see the "https://" protocol before the domain name in your web browsers address bar. We also use an Extended Validation SSL certificate that will show our company name (Alpha Media, Inc.) in green text next to the domain name.

The certificate information used can be viewed from any web browser by going to and clicking to view the certificate in your browser.

The same encryption method is used no matter what location/device you connect to PinkNotes from (web browser, PinkNotes for Windows, PinkNotes for Mac, iPhone/iPad app, Android App, etc.).

This encryption method prevents anyone from reading your data as it travels across the internet.

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