News, Tips, and Updates

PinkNotes 2.0 for iOS with Bottom Navigation
June 23, 2016
PinkNotes v2.0.0 for iOS has just been released in the App Store. This version has some big additions and changes to give it a 2.0 label. The first is we have added a tab bar to the app for bottom navigation. This makes it much easier (then the prior menu navigation) to quickly jump to different locations in the app. The tab bar gives you the ability to navigate using just your thumb with much fewer clicks then prior versions.On the tab bar you will also see an 'Attachments' area. You can now see all the attachments you have received instead of having to find the PinkNote an attachment was in to ...
iPhone 6s Home Screen Quick Actions
December 7, 2015
PinkNotes for iOS v1.85 is now available in the App Store. This new version takes advantage of 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. From the Home Screen if you now do a deep press on the PinkNotes icon you will see a Quick Actions menu. This menu gives you a convenient way to jump directly into specific parts of the PinkNotes app. For example, you can jump right into the compose screen by selecting "New PinkNote" in the quick actions menu.Some other 3D Touch interactions that you can do in the PinkNotes app are peeking at a website URL or a map address. If you have a website address or mailing ...
PinkNotes 1.80 for iOS - Now with Multi-select
September 17, 2015
We've added a lot of new features and visual improvements to PinkNotes 1.80 for iOS. To start we have cleaned up the PinkNotes list. When you are viewing your list of PinkNotes you will now see an image of who the PinkNote is from. If there are attachments you will see a paper clip icon. You will also see icons if a PinkNotes is marked as urgent or it is a must reply, and there is a fresh new look to indicate unread PinkNotes.Your list of PinkNotes now has a multi-select option. Just click the Edit button at the top of the screen and you will be able to easily select multiple PinkNotes to trash ...
PinkNotes for iOS 1.70
August 18, 2015
PinkNotes for iOS version 1.70 is now available in the App Store. We're proud to announce three major improvements we made to this latest version.It has been a while since we have released an iOS update. One of the things hold us back was the move to 64-bit support. Apple now requires all apps submitted to the App Store to have 64-bit support and be built with iOS 8 SDK. We had to change and improve a lot of things under the hood for this, but we have greatly enhanced the app by adding support for 64-bit on the latest iOS devices.We've also added a new side menu. This menu has a much more modern ...
PinkNotes Windows Release 5.2.5589
April 22, 2015
Our latest release of PinkNotes for Windows now has a 'Silence' option. This new feature lets you turn off your default notification options for a specific PinkNote thread. So, if you have a PinkNote that is receiving a lot of replies and you just don't want to be alerted every time someone replies, you can silence that PinkNote thread now.You will still receive all the replies made to that PinkNote, but they will not pop up on your screen or play a sound when received. The silence option will also disable the push notifications to mobile devices if you are using the iOS or Android app.A couple ...
Attach Files to Replies
March 19, 2015
There have been two major improvements in PinkNotes for Windows v5.2. The first is you can now attach files to your replies. All the same functionality you have with attachments when sending a new PinkNote you now have as well with a reply. So, you can attach as many files to replies as you would like, drag and drop files into the reply area, paste images, etc. The reply text area was also made taller to include this feature. As a result, it is now also easier to type longer responses, because you can see more text on the screen at once without having to scroll up and down.The second major improvement ...
Share your calendar with everyone
December 3, 2014
We've added a new functionality to calendars in PinkNotes. You can now make any of your PinkNotes calendars publicly viewable through your own website. A perfect use example of this would be, if you were a school district using PinkNotes calendars internally among your faculty and staff, but you also wanted your students and their parents to be able to view a calendar through your school's website. You can now easily do that.You have the option to display a calendar on your website or you can just send the public URL for your calendar to whoever you would like to be able to view it.For instructions ...
Attachments in iOS and Android apps
November 4, 2014
In the latest releases of the iOS (v1.60) and Android (v1.65) apps for PinkNotes we have included the ability to easily view attachments and now send attachments as well.Any type of images that are attached to a PinkNote will now be visible when viewing a PinkNote. If you click on the image it will also display in a separate screen that will let you see the full size and pinch zoom if needed. For attachments that are not images you will get a clickable link that will let you view or download the file to your phone.When composing a PinkNote from the app you will now see an attachment option. This ...
PinkNotes for Windows version 5.1.5394 is out
October 13, 2014
This release of PinkNotes for Windows allows you to paste an image that has been copied to your clipboard into a PinkNote. For example, if you use the print screen button on your keyboard or you use something like Microsoft's Snipping Tool to place an image onto your clipboard, when you select to paste into a new PinkNote an image file (in PNG format) will automatically be attached to the PinkNote.This makes it much easier and quicker to send a clipboard image because it takes out the steps of first having to paste the image into another program like Photoshop or Word, then save the file, then ...
PinkNotes for iOS Updates
May 28, 2013
We're excited to have just released a new version of the iPhone/iPad app for PinkNotes. It is now available for download/update from the App Store (version 1.50).We have added a number of new features and improvements that you have been waiting for. The biggest change you'll notice is the app is now much easier to navigate around. There is a menu icon in the upper left corner of the app that now lets you easily jump from any location in the app to another. Some other new features are:When sending a new PinkNote user photos now display.The iPad version now supports screen rotation.When viewing a ...
PinkNotes for Android Updates
April 2, 2013
We have received a lot of recommendations from you and we have spent a lot of time thinking about a better Android app for PinkNotes. What we have come up with we believe you will like.First, it is now a lot easier to get around the app. We re-designed the layout of the app and added an action bar to the top of the app and a side navigation bar. From these you can now easily jump from any location in the app to another.Second, we have improved the overall speed of the app. In the old version there was a lot of waiting around for data to load. You will greatly appreciate the speed improvements. ...
January 25, 2013
We are very excited to announce the release of a new Alpha Media, Inc. product called AlphaNotify ( is an SMS-Based Mass Notification service. With just a few clicks, you can send a notification to a recipient group, or multiple groups at once! No need for phone calling chains, or email lists that take a long time to send! Use the latest SMS technologies to reach your recipients rapidly!You can try out AlphaNotify for free. Just go to and Sign Up for a FREE trial.
HIPAA and 256 Bit Encryption
January 23, 2013
In our goal to make PinkNotes HIPAA compliant, we have started with the upgrading of our communication encryption method.PinkNotes has been upgraded from a 128 to 256 bit encryption level. We now support 256-bit AES encryption over TLS 1.2.Not that the prior 128 bit level was not secure, but the 256 bit encryption uses all the latest encryption methods and technologies available. Most online banks and retailers do not even support 256 bit encryption.We are currently going through the HIPAA regulations to continue our goal of becoming compliant. We will keep you updated on further updates to PinkNotes ...
End User Tips for Migrating to The Cloud
January 10, 2013
Lately we have been getting a lot of comments from IT personnel and others that have been upgrading their network from PinkNotes Plus v4 to PinkNotes 5. They has been saying that their end users, who are very used to using PNP v4, are a little confused with the differences in PinkNotes 5.Lets face it, no one really likes changes, even when the changes are improvements. So, we put together a PDF document that you can distribute to your end users to make this migration a little easier on everyone.The PDF file is located at: addition, we also ...
We're on the Mac!
November 15, 2012
Since day 1 of PinkNotes, many years ago (v1.0 in 1998 to be exact), we have always just had a Windows version of the PinkNotes software. Earlier this year when we released the cloud hosted version of PinkNotes we included an iPhone/iPad, Android, web, and mobile web apps. A number of months ago we set out to make a Mac version that many of our users have been begging for. We are now proud to announce that we have a Mac OS X version of PinkNotes!The Mac app looks and functions in many of the same ways as the Windows desktop app. If you have been using PinkNotes on Windows you will have no trouble ...
Sharing your Calendars is now easier than Ever.
August 23, 2012
We've just revamped the Calendar Settings to includes some useful features. You can now flag a calendar as "All users can view" and "All users can edit". This will grant edit and/or view rights to all users. Even future users will be granted access upon their creation.To access the new settings, login to your PinkNotes account, visit your calendar, and click the settings icon for any calendar you have the ability to edit.
How do you want to be Notified? New expanded Notification Settings are available!
June 5, 2012
Some of the early feedback we are receiving has brought to our attention the need for more elaborate options for when you would and would not like to be notified of a new PinkNote through your mobile app.Many times, if you are at your desk and receive a PinkNote, you will be notified through the desktop client as well as your mobile app. These new settings will allow you to customize your notifications to minimize or eliminate these duplicate notifications.To access the new settings, login to your PinkNotes account, visit your Mobile Settings page.
New Feature: No-Reply PinkNotes
May 11, 2012
We've just released a feature which allows you to flag your PinkNotes messages as "No-Reply". This is particularly useful for sending a PinkNote to a colleague that is of relatively little importance, or a PinkNote you just do not want to branch into a conversation for any reason.
PinkNotes App for Android - Now Available!
May 4, 2012
The PinkNotes app for Android Touch is now available in the Google Play app store!Visit our Downloads Area or Google Play for more information.
PinkNotes App for iPhone/iPad - Now Available
April 10, 2012
The PinkNotes app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is now available in the Apple Store.Visit our Downloads Area or The Apple Store for more information.