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Frequent Questions

How do I Register my Company for a PinkNotes Account?
Simply visit the PinkNotes Sign-Up page and complete the form to begin your 30 Day Free Trial.

During this process, you will create an account name for your company as well as a username and password for yourself.

From there you can easily use your username, password, and account name to login to the web portal, or any of the mobile/desktop clients available on our Downloads page.
[Click here to watch the accompanying video]
Do you offer a discount for prior PinkNotes customers?
Yes, for prior PinkNotes Plus v4 customers the cost will only be $1/user per month for the first year of use. After 1 year the pricing will go to the standard pricing of $2/user per month.

Please click here for full pricing details.
Can I still run PinkNotes Plus v4?
Yes, you can keep version 4 installed and running as is. This version will not have any effect on it and you can run both at the same time if needed.
What about the mobile apps and Mac version?
Please go to the download page to see all the different apps for PinkNotes.
Will I have to sign a contract?
No. PinkNotes is a pay as you go service. There are no contracts. You will simply be charged monthly for the current number of users that you have.
Who can see my data?
Your company's privacy and security our top priority. Your messages and data can only be seen by your company's administrator(s) and the users you want to share it with.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. You can cancel any time you would like. If you cancel, you won't be charged again.
How does the 30-day free trial work?
The free trial comes with all the features of PinkNotes. You can try it out with as many users as you would like. Then after 30 days if you would like to keep using PinkNotes just enter your credit card info in the account area.

Sign up just takes a few seconds and no credit card is needed.
How do I upgrade from PinkNotes Plus v4?
If you're a previous PNP v4 user, you'll be happy to know we've created a utility called "Database Upload from PNP v4" and it is available for download on the Download page under Windows. This utility will import all of your existing data into the cloud hosted version.

You can try our PinkNotes 5 free for 30 days. If you just want to try it out, there is no obligation to stay with v5 and you can go back to using PNP v4 at any point. When installing PinkNotes 5 on your computers it does not remove or change anything in v4. You can even run the two versions side-by-side on your computers.

To upgrade from v4 please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free trial account for PinkNotes 5. In the account sign up you will create your first user and that user will be setup as your administrator. The username you enter should be the same username you have used with v4. You can always change your username later on if you would like.
  2. Download and run the upload utility on your PNP v4 Master machine. This import will create all your other users automatically for you. You do not need to manually create the other usernames. Once the import is complete you will receive an email from us with all your users' login information. See below for more details on the import utility.
  3. You can then install PinkNotes 5 on each of your computers that you had v4 on and each user can login with the same username they used in v4. You can get the new install for v5 from the Download page under Windows.

In the import utility you will be prompted for your new PinkNotes login info. You must enter the same username and account name you created during the sign up. Once that login is complete, the data upload will begin. Please allow the process to finish before shutting it down or rebooting your Master PC.

NOTE: before running this upload you must stop the PNP v4 Master Service. To do this go into the Windows Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, then Services. Right-click on the line for "PinkNotes Plus Master" and select Stop.

[Click here to watch the accompanying video]

Once the upload process is complete, our servers still need to convert the uploaded data into a format that can be used with PinkNotes.

This process could take anywhere from a few minutes to a number of hours depending on the amount of past logs that you have and current activity on our network. The admin user that signed into the upload utility will get an email letting them know once the import is complete. That email will also include all the imported users' username and password. If a user did not have a password in v4 a default password will be created for them.

Here is also a PDF file that you can give to your end users to explain some of the differences between PNP v4 and PinkNotes 5:
Is PinkNotes secure?
Yes. We take the security of your data in PinkNotes very seriously.

No one but the users you have setup in your PinkNotes account has access to your data. Each user in your account can only view data that has been sent to or from themselves. Only admin users in PinkNotes have the ability to view data for other users.

All communication in PinkNotes, whether it be from a Windows or Mac PC, a web browser, or a mobile app is fully 256 bit encrypted.

Most online banks and retailers only use 128 bit encryption. We use all the latest technologies and encryption methods available for PinkNotes.

For specific security details click here.

PinkNotes is hosted through Rackspace which has their own additional security infrastructure. For more information on security at Rackspace please see: