PinkNotes® and the PinkNotes® Logo are Registered Trademarks of Alpha Media Inc

Frequent Questions

What are trademarks?
Trademarks are words, logos, designs, symbols, or a combination of any of those things that identify a unique source of products or services. Trademarks help a company distinguish its products and services from those of other companies, and act as assurance of quality to consumers.
How do we protect our trademarks?
We dedicate substantial resources to the development and protection of our intellectual property portfolio. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks and logos, we also enforce our rights against those who misuse its marks.
Can I use the PinkNotes trademark or logo without permission?
No. Use of the PinkNotes trademark or something confusingly similar, even in connection with goods/services that are arguably unrelated to those offered by PinkNotes, can both create consumer confusion as well as dilute the distinctiveness of the PinkNotes brand and weaken PinkNotes' trademark rights. It is also a violation of our Terms of Service.